Holding Cross – Reddish Pink Color



Original – direct from the Artist.

Each Unique Only One of a Kind.

Hand cut one at a time.

No two exactly alike.

Solid Dyed Birch Wood

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  I free hand cut each-no patterns here.  Then sand with a coarse sandpaper.   Next medium sandpaper.  

Then with a very fine sandpaper. Lastly polishing and buffing to a high gloss.

Next make sure that each is balance. This ensures that each will stand. So the Cross is always able to be displayed Standing. (Standing Holding Cross)
Each is very shiny and smooth.    No oils or clear coats just the natural beauty of the wood.
Holding in your hand will giving you comfort that only our Father can provide you. As you walk daily with Christ.
Standing Holding Cross are each unique made one at a time by me. No two are the same.

Each comes with a Created Especially for Tag, in a clear top display box, as shown.

Weight .4 lbs