Q: What does Cruz Natural mean?

A: Cruz Natural is Spanish and translates to Natural Cross.

 Q: Do you put any oils, waxes, stains or colors on the cross?  
 A: No, most all of the crosses are highly sanded and polished showing the natural colors.

Q: Will the crosses break if I drop them?  

A: Yes, they can break if dropped because they are made of natural woods, natural stone, natural rock crystals, and other materials that can break if mishandled.

 Q: What is the best way to care for my cross.
A: Naturally, holding it in your hand will provide oils to the wood. Just dust for the wall and desk crosses.

Q: What Is your email address?  

A: info@cruznatural.com

Q:  How will I know that this is my Cross?  

A: Each Cross comes with a Created Especially for Tag. (click to see)