The “Cross” is probably the most recognized–and cherished–symbol in the world; as well as the most simple in design.

In the winter of 2006 I went to my workshop with the idea of building my young daughter a stool. However, before starting the stool, I was led to making a cross.

My 1st Cross                                                                                                          

After looking at it, I thought I should be able to do better.  Setting to work, I started my journey; however, at the time I was unaware that God had called on me.  I made several crosses – each one an improvement.  Well, I got side tracked as I am prone to do and started making Noah’s Ark piggy banks.  Yet, with the encouragement of my family, I went back to the crosses.  I made a few using a pattern.  I did not like the duplication process of doing the same thing over and over.  Then one day as I was working in my shop, I felt the call of God telling me to just let go allowing Him to be my guide.  With that in mind, I put the saw to the wood creating a freehand cut cross. I was astonished and please with the results. I turly believe God is guiding my hands and has given me a gift. Now, each day as I am working, I see the beauty that is part of life by giving control to God. I know that each cross is being made for just one special person that God has already chosen.
I use rare and exotic woods, creating some of the most exquisite forms of the Christian cross.  Each is unique and a work of art.
What to do with all of these crosses… walls are full.  In the Fall of 2007, God led me to open a small shop in the prestigious Dallas Galleria and the Collin Creek Mall for the 2008 holiday season. Then 2009 at the La Gran Plaza, 2010 thru 2012 galleries in Willow Bend.  Next stop a Gallery On Main Street in Fredericksburg, Tx.  Always receiving affirmation – that my cross designs and use of the wood were praiseworthy and for display in many homes worldwide.
The Affirmation Cross (see photos) is the one that God revealed his face to me.  This is the “Jesus in the Clouds” cross (photo).  The steps to this piece began with the ordering of the raw wood and my choosing the piece from my stash of boards.  Then cutting the cross I cut four piece from this particular board (each one being slightly different).  I did not see the “Jesus in the Clouds” at that time.  It was not until a few months later that I looked up at the finished cross in my shop that I saw the face of Jesus on the cross.  A true affirmation – I felt that each of these crosses are truly blessed.
I realize a great deal of personal satisfaction of working with the beautiful wood that God has created.  Most are polished and “soft to the touch”.
Now with this New web-site for 2016, I am hoping you may also enjoy my/His work.
—Letting go and letting God take control.
By the way, I still owe my daughter a stool.
Have a Blessed Day,

Galleries of the Past

From the Start on the corner with fold up table in the Xmas of 2006.

Christmas 2007 in the Gallery.

2008 finds us in the Collin Creek Gallery.

2009 La Gran Plaza Gallery.

2010 thru 2012 Willow Bend Gallery

2013 Fredericksburg Gallery

2015  Town East Gallery