In the Fall of 2010, as I was finishing some of my unique cross paintings. I began to think about the way that I make crosses daily in my studio.  It is always by God’s design that my work comes into being – God is holding and guiding my hands as I make each cross. I was reminded that we should all be following God everyday of our lives. With the addition of the feet to IwwJesus™ this statement is complete. 

As Children of God, Jesus is always walking with us and holding our hand.


IwwJesus™ makes  a statement to those around us that we are followers of Christ, and many times leads to witnessing opportunities when asked what it means. It is also reminds us that we actually are walking with Jesus on a daily basic and that our lives are a living testimony to others. 

Feet on side of logo for business card
“I walk with Jesus”