House Watch Services

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Custom tailored property watch services designed for your peace of mind.  (Property must be located in my service area)
Going on an extended vacation or a temporary work reassignment,  I will keep an eye on your property and do normal maintenance work as needed while you are away.  I will provide weekly reports emailed to you to keep you up to date on the property involved.  Even pictures as necessary.
As a minimum, I will visit the property weekly, walk around the outside, go inside and check all rooms, run water in all sinks, tubs, and toilets to assure no dried out traps ( this keeps sewer gas out of the house), run dishwasher, garbage disposers to keep them from freezing up.  I will also adjust sprinkler, thermostat schedules as needed for the changing seasons.
All visits will be performed by only me.  You will not have different people going into your house.
Call me and we can discuss your specific needs.
Normal charge: $50 PER VISIT