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Weatherstripping – tightly sealed doors minimize hot/cold air infiltration into your home. Doors have weather seals at the top, sides and bottom. These seals can be replaced to increase the efficiency of the door system. Typically these top and side seals are made of vinyl and the bottom seal is rubber.

Replacement of vinyl top and side seals $45

Replacement of bottom seal $50 (8′ doors extra)

Alignment – settling and other factors may cause a door not to line up properly within the frame. This can lead to air leaks, doors that do not close easily and doors that will not lock or latch. Your Personal Handyman can make most doors work like new.

Storm Doors – purchase your storm door and Your Personal Handyman will install it for $145 (basic install).

Additional charges may apply for molding buildup and threshold modifications.

Tub Enclosure Doors – Sliding doors for your tub keep water in the tub and they are very stylish.Installation $145

Deadbolts, Locksets, Peepholes, etc.